Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Disappointed!

I just finished my driving lessons. I'm still having a hard time driving. I don't know if I'm just being so hard on myself. Pero when I practice nagkakaron ng time na namamatayan pa din ako ng engine. :( :( So sad talaga. Now I regret why I didn't get an automatic transmission car. Ang hirap ng manual! :( I'm soo eager pa naman of bringing my car and go around on my own. Pero I'm losing my confidence already with manual transmission car. :( I hope I can bring back all the guts that I have. Hayyy....

Friday, November 7, 2008

this is jeg now...

Jeg with baby Liah my tabachingching na inaanak. She's the daughter of my bestfriend. Aren't they cute!? Bagay sila noh?! LOL!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

meet my highschool friends

These are our pictures everytime we go out... Medyo mahilig kami mag picture taking coz it's been yearsss since we last saw each other. Kaya rin nawili kami lumabas weekly. LOL!

At Laiya Grill, BF Pque

Bday Celebration of Genie

Bday Celebration of Peng

back to blogging

I terribly miss blogging! Actually, I forgot my password that's why it took me months before I could start posting again. There are so much to blog the past months...

- I already started my formal class in the HR Academy with Ateneo CORD. So far so good, but I must say that our classmates are so competitive. Well honestly, I'm not like that...I'm more on the quiet type student who just listens and excel in exams. But here in HR Academy, I can't be like that. We should be pro active and share our insights always. I'm trying really hard to adjust now.
- Jeg has been good in class I mean smart and bright kid talaga. Sorry I need to brag about my son.. love your own! LOL! During his first grading exams, he only had 3mistakes all in all. While the second grading, he got perfect score in all the subjects. Aren't you going to be proud of him?!
- Finally! I have already applied for driving school in A1. LOL! My dad bought me a new car so I'm forced to study driving. Well, for my own good na rin naman. But the husband was kinda sad knowing that I can now drive on my own coz it means more lakwatsa na daw ako. Wala pa nga akong car grabe na din gimik ko what more kung meron. LOL! Side kwento : When Songs was not feeling well when we were going to SM Southmall, we had to call my BIL to drive us to Asian Hospital. Kaya this incident also made me decide to study driving na. Kse ang tagal dumating ni BIL siguro 30mins pa.. kung super na high blood si songs dyos ko ewan ko na lang what happened to him!
- I have been going on gimik the past month with my highschool friends. Parang dalaga ito.. Weekly inuman. Buti na lang my husband is so understanding that he lets me go out since my friend just arrived from the US. But this month, once a month na lang coz our friend left na.
- The husband has been very busy with his work. We are so blessed because of the continuous projects he's been getting. Kaya lang mas stressful lang for him. I have been convincing him to migrate to Oz na. Pero ayaw talaga. Oh well, in God's time. :)
- I have been busy with work as always. I sometimes think of transferring to a new group to try new work and challenge. Maybe I'm somewhat bored already with my work. I mean auto-pilot na kse ang work ko. You can really determine your peak and slack days. I have discussed this with my Lead and she's open with it. Whatever will make me happy daw. I'm thinking of transferring to Compensation and Benefits Planning Team but my apprehension is OT. There is more OT in that group because you deal with the Global Team which means different time zones. Well, I'm just praying and asking for God's sign.
- I miss blog hopping! I miss calipanga get together!

And oh, we'll be turning 5 this November 8. Happy Anniv Love! Love you soo much!! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I just had to post this... The 1st day, he wore civilian because it was still an orientation and warm up for the kids.

The 2nd day, here's the little boy before going to school. He looks really excited.

And when he went home.. he had this.....

The teacher asked his name and he answered smartly that's why he received a star! Well, I'm just one proud momma! :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GSCO and HR Academy Launch

Just wanna share with you some of our pictures during the GSCO Payroll Team Building, GSCO Outing and the HR Academy Launch.

GSCO Payroll Team Building cum lakwatsa at Tagaytay and EK.

GSCO Summer Outing at Bataan White Corals

HR Academy Launch at Cybergate 2.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have been MIA (missing in action) for the past weeks. As usual, same reason.. swamped with work. I'll be starting my school on thursday, June 5. Wish me luck! The little boy will start on June 10. I hope he'll enjoy being in school. What a blessing also, we just found out that the owner of the school is also a sister. We belong to the same community. This makes us more at peace because we know that the values that the school have is in line with ours.

Due to stress and pressure, I'm back with my bisyo.. bad bad bad! I quit smoking before we got married. But since m soooo stressed and pressured with work and school, I need an outlet! Ayaw ko naman idaan sa kain kse I already lost 10lbs. Sayang naman ang hardwork ko sa pagdiet and gym. LOL!

For the next weeks, I can't promise that I will be able to update this blog. huhuhuhu.. MIA muna ako for the meantime. :)